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Fox News: Our liberty depends on funding our courts, so they can protect all of us
By Ed Meese and ABA President Bill Robinson.
A Quiet Crisis in Our Courts
By ABA President Bill Robinson.
Anniston (Ala.) Star: Bob Davis: Singing the courthouse blues
Excerpt: “According to a formula done by the National Center for State Courts, Madison County, which includes Huntsville, should have 65 employees in its courthouse; it has less than half that. And Madison County is no outlier. This sort of pain is being felt at courthouses across Alabama.”
LA Times: CES 2012: The disruptive power of gesture and voice recognition
Veritext Introduces Android Mobile App to Manage Litigation Depositions
Anniston (Ala.) Star: More layoffs possible at Calhoun County Courthouse
L.A. (Calif.) Times: (opinion) Chief justice: 'We've become slower, thinner, smaller'
(Ft. Myers, Fla.) News-Press: Stable revenue sought for court system
Miami (Fla.) Herald (Letter to the Editor): Recorders not the answer to stenographic errors
Big Bear (Calif.) Grizzly: Court takes budget hit
Forbes.com: How Women Succeed at Business - Bird by Bird
Profile of member Lisa Dimonte, RMR, CMRS.
Daytona Beach (FL) News-Journal: Finding of witness recording delays 9-year-old murder case
Excerpt: “The audio recording of an interview with a witness in a murder investigation sat in a box at the State Attorney's Office for more than four years.”
Argus (Ore.) Observer: Budget cuts create challenges for county circuit court
Presiding circuit judge of Malheur County Circuit Court, Pat Sullivan: “They don’t want judges doing things without a record (which requires staff).”
Courthouse News (Calif.): More Cuts to Courts Under Proposed Budget
Sunbelt Reporting (blog): Why Texas State District Courts Switched Back to Using Live Reporters
Citizens Voice (Wilkes-Barre, Pa.): Judiciary at a crossroads
Seattle (Wash.) Post-Intelligencer: Judges sue Grays Harbor County over budgetcutshttp://www.seattlepi.com/news/article/Judges-sue-Grays-Harbor-County-over-budget-cuts-2423469.php
Press Democrat.com (Santa Rosa, Calif.): Computer failure causes 'virtual shutdown' of Sonoma County courts
Philly.com (Philadelphia, Pa.): Jailed Philadelphia court reporter ordered to type transcripts
Monday Matters: Court Reporter Fits the Bill
"PowerWriters: Stories of the World’s Trusted Court Reporters & Captioners"
War veterans to share personal stories at AIB event
St. Clair County court stenographer indicted on tax charges
Court reporter jailed for late transcripts turns in 2 different versions
Trial status muddied over errors
Court Reporters Ready to Serve as Anchor of Closed Captioning Required by 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act that President Obama Signs into Law Friday
Demand expected to increase for court reporters
Long Valley woman leads charge to retain court reporters for legal hearings
Fake trial, but real experience


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