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Resources for Attorneys

These resources are provided for attorneys, paralegals and any other professional in how to best interact with court reporters. As partners in the judicial process, we are always looking for ways to make your job easier and demonstrate the integral role of the reporter.  If you have any other resources we should have in this area, please send your commenst to contact@nvcra.org

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Certified Court Reporters:

Certification is required for court reporters in Nevada.  Many court reporters demonstrate their skills by becoming certified through a national test and hone their skills with different levels of certifications. Always demand to have a qualified, certified court reporter at your deposition or in court.

Information on Gift Giving: -PDF File

Below is some information on the practice called gift giving, which incentivizes schedulers for booking with firms that give gifts for the business.

Tips for Creating an Accurate Record: -PDF File

Some basics tips for creating an accurate and complete record for your clients.

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