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Rules Governing Reporters
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Rules Governing Reporters

We want to make sure that every reporter is in compliance with the law and rules governing reporters in the state.  Below are the guidelines for reporting in Nevada.

Notary Requirements for Nevada CCRs: www.sos.state.nv.us/notary/

Nevada Court Reporting Board  http://www.crptr.state.nv.us/ (This site provides most of the rules and guidelines for Nevada reporters.)



NAC 372.214 Sales and Use Tax
Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 656
Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 656
NRS 3.320 Official Reporter
NRS 4.410 Compensation
NRS 18.005 Costs
NRS 12.015 Indigent Litigants
NRS 172.185 Grand Jury

Nevada Rules of Appellate Procedure (NRAP) Rule 3B

  May 2010 NRAP Amendments (pdf)


November 2010 NRAP Amendments (pdf)
Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure (NRCP) Rule 30


AG-0001 District Court Fees (pdf)
LO-0001 Gift Giving (pdf)
LO-0002 Service in Foreign Jurisdiction
  November 16, 2007 (pdf)
November 20, 2007 (pdf)

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