SO&BP Manual

SO&BP Manual

Download and view the proposed Standards of Operation & Best Practices prepared by the Nevada Supreme Court's Official Court Records Subcommittee:

SO&BP Manual - PDF
SO&BP Word Version (without appendix)
SO&BP Appendix Only - PDF

Dear Fellow Nevada Court Reporter:

For the past year, the Official Court Records Subcommittee has been crafting changes for the creation of the official court record that will streamline and bring uniformity to current practices across our state.  The attached document, Standards of Operation & Best Practices, was reviewed by the Nevada Supreme Court later in the year.  Before their review, all licensed Nevada court reporters had the opportunity to read the document and submit any comments they might have. 

If you were in attendance at the NVCRA convention in Reno, you were given an overview of an earlier version of the SO&BP.  This is the latest draft.  Please take this opportunity to read through and note how these provisions will affect the way in which you create the official court record in all of Nevada's courtrooms.  Even if you only substitute in court occasionally or evenly rarely, this document applies to you.

I thank you for your time and attention to this important matter.


Karen Yates, FAPR, CRR, CCP, CBC, Nevada CCR No. 195
Co-Chair, Official Court Records Subcommittee
Minden, NV

P: 703-729-4861
F: 703-935-2266
Email: contact@nvcra.org