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Sponsor a Student

Sponsor a Student for NVCRA Membership

Students are the future of the profession, and ensuring that we have a continued workforce filling the seats of retiring reporters is critical to maintaining our place as the guardians of the record. Without highly-competent and professional students, we open the door for our jobs, in every setting (official, freelance, captioning, CART), to be replaced by other means.

NVCRA needs your help to ensure the sustainability and continued prosperity of the court reporting and captioning professions. By sponsoring a student membership, at the low cost of $25, your contribution allows a student to become involved in their professional association.

Sponsor a student today! Contact NVCRA at contact@nvcra.org  to find out how.



P: 703-729-4861
F: 703-935-2266
Email: contact@nvcra.org